Why write this? Why read this?

I’m a psychology professor, but I started out a medical student and then a psychiatry resident. What I have enjoyed most in both roles, what has given me chills whenever I have done it well, has been when I’ve been able to describe a complex topic to someone who has just a little background in medicine or psychology, or maybe none at all, and I can see the understanding, the gaining of knowledge, the learning of something they thought was inaccessible. Especially when that information has the ability to make their lives better, more interesting, or healthier. I am a firm believer that science is not some ivory tower enterprise, but something everyone can and should use. And the sciences that are my greatest passion are behavioral neuroscience and psychopathology. The meeting places between scientific experimentation and every day life in the environment of the brain: the most complex and exciting thing in the universe, and happily, something we all own.